Sunday, March 19, 2017

Let's Get Physical 2017

Here's an extra page collecting the details on the physical releases available to the public.

Italy has a limited edition vinyl 7"inch single of the Sanremo winner. A cdsingle is expected March 17.
Germany's cdsingle is out on Februari 24.
Australia's cdsingle is out on March 17.

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Compilations (National Finals etc)
The Official Album with all entries is expected on April 28, quite late compared to previous years.
A special limited edition boxset will also be available for the first time. The box features the 2CD but also four coloured vinyl LP's.
The release is quite late though, June 23.
23 June is also the date for the official DVD and (it's back) Blu Ray release. More details at the shop
Hungary's 30 A Dal songs have been released on a double CD
Italy's Sanremo 2017 2CD is out now
Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2CD is out since Februari 26
Portugal: The Festival da Canção 2017 CD will be released on April 7.
No trace of CD releases from Denmark and Iceland this year.

Artists Albums
Italy Francesco Gabbani has his album out in April
Belarus' Naviband has their CD album available at their concerts and online.
Germany's Levina has her album out on April 28
France: Alma's debut album Ma Peau Aime will be out on May 5.
Netherlands: A special edition of the girls' album We Got This will include Lights And Shadows. (April 7)

For promo's and digital releases check the seperate country's posts.

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