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Eurovision 2017, the Kyiv Collection is on it's way

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Malta MESC songs available, Finally Faniello
Hungary - 2017 CD update, Pápai Joci wins A Dal
Poland - Februari 18, Kasia Moś to Kyiv
Croatia - Jacques Houdek to Kyiv
Czech Republic - Martina Bárta chosen
Norway - MGP Songs available
Israel - Imri Ziv to Eurovision
Italy - Sanremo CD release, Italy goes ape about Francesco Gabbani. Vinile!
Spain - Manel Navarrro wins Objetivo Eurovision
Germany - Levina's Perfect Life, cdsingle
France - Alma's Requiem for France
Switzerland - Follow Apollo with Timebelle
Iceland Songs available, digital album out now
Cyprus - Hovig - Gravity on March 1
Italy - Sanremo releases, CD date
Sweden - MF CD update
Finland UMK songs available, Norma John’s Blackbird
United Kingdom - Songs available, Lucie Jones to Kyiv
Belarus - Naviband to Kyiv, Album info, free (legal) downloads
Georgia - Tako Gachechiladze
Latvia - Supernova Songs available
Moldova - Songs available
Estonia - Eesti Laul songs available
Albania The world today with Lindita Halimi
Ireland - Brendan Murray
Austria - Nathan Trent
Macedonia - Jana Burceska
Belgium - Blanche
Montenegro - Slavko Kalezić in space
Azerbaijan - Diana Hajiyeva
Armenia - Artsvik
Greece - Demy
Netherlands - O'g3ne
Bulgaria -
Australia -
Slovenia - Februari 24
Serbia -
San Marino -
Russia -
Romania -
Portugal -
Ukraine - Februari 25
Lithuania -
Denmark -
Absent Friends - We miss you

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poland - Flashlight - Kasia Moś

Kasia's CD Inspination, pic from discogs
Kasia Moś is the winner of the Polish preselection/National Final 'Krajowe Eliminacje' held on Februari 18. Her song Flashlight is the Polish song for Kyiv.
Flashlight is written by Kasia Moś herself, Pete Baringger, Rickard Bonde Truumeel.
Last year Kasia ended 6th in the Polish final with Addiction.

Watch the official video here

Kasia (as Katarzyna Moś) was a finalist in the 2012 edition of Polish talent show series 'Must Be the Music/ Tylko Muzyka' and ended 3rd.
She released her album Inspination in 2015. 

Links and sources
Kasia Moś: WebsiteFacebook
TVP Eurowizja pages
You'll remember these Polish entries: 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Malta - Breathlessly - Claudia Faniello

Picture from Caludia's Facebook
Claudia Faniello won the Maltese ticket to Kyiv. She has been participating in the Maltese selection since 2006 and now finally won the right to represent her country in Eurovision.
The ballad Breathlessly is written by Maltese Eurovision veterans Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg with Philip's son Sean Vella.
Listen here

This years Malta Eurovision Song Contest selection had 16 songs and you can listen here.
The final was held on Februari 18, no semi's this year.

Claudia's Contests:
Claudia's first shot to fame was winning the 2006 Independence Day Festival (Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza) with the song Ma Nafx (Don't know). This prestigious festival featuring songs in Maltese only, has been won by a few other Eurovision singers: Miriam Christine, Claudette Pace, Ira Losco, Mike Spiteri and Bro Fabrizio*.
Claudia Faniello released one album, Convincingly Better (2010) and several (digital) singles
*Eurovision fans know that Claudia's brother Fabrizio entered Eurovision twice. (2001 and 2006)

Claudia has entered the Maltese selection for 8 years in a row with two second places as the best results.
She took a break from 2014 to 2016 and came back in 2017 with a winner.
2013 single When it's time (DRI)
2006 High alert (12th)
2007 L-imħabba għamja  (Love is blind, 7th)
2008 Caravaggio (2nd)
2008 Sunrise (3rd)
2009 Blue sonata (4th)
2009 Midas touch (semi)
2010 Samsara (8th)
2011 Movie in my mind (9th)
2012 Pure (2nd)
2013 When it’s time (7th)
2017 Breathlessly (1st)

The Songwriters
Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg are two of the most prolific Pop songwriters in Malta.
They wrote many many songs for the Maltese (and also other country’s) finals and made it to Eurovision five times.
Desire - Claudette Pace (8th  in 2000)
7th Wonder - Ira Losco (2nd  in 2002)
On Again… Off Again - Julie and Ludwig (12th 2004)
Vertigo - Olivia Lewis (2007, semi)
Vodka - Morena (2008, semi)
Borg (pron: Bordj) also co-wrote the lyrics of the 2014 Russian entry. He's also a successful novelist.
Vella is also an accomplished writer of music for (TV) events, commercials and computer games.

Links and sources
Claudia Faniello: Facebook
TVM Eurovision pages, Songs
Malta's recent Eurovision stars: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Hungary - Origo - Pápai Joci

Digital release image
The Hungarian entry for Kyiv is Origo by Joci Pápai (Pápai Joci)
Pápai (József Pápai) won the 6 night Hungarian selection A Dal 2017.
The song, in Hungarian with a small part in Romani, is written by Pápai himself.

Origo has been released as a digital single in Januari and can also be found (in a slightly shorter edit) on the A Dal 2017 2CD (see below).

All songs from the Hungarian selection A Dal have been released on the CD A Dal 2017 - A Legjobb 30.
(MG Records/Trimedio 5999542818493)
Availabe at BeaRecords, tracklist below

Origo - A Dal edit
- 2CD A Dal 2017
Origo - single version
- digital release

Links and sources:
Pápai Joci: Facebook
A Dal at Mediaklikk (also has soundclips)
A Dal CD at BeaRecords
More Hungarian entries 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2009

A Dal 2017 A Legjobb 30 CD tracklist
1. Mujahid Zoltán - On My Own
2. Peet Project - Kill Your Monster
3. Szabó Ádám - Together
4. Fedor Kyra - Got To Be A Day
5. Pápai Joci - Origo
6. Sapszon Orsi - Hunyd Le Szemed
7. Spoon 21 - Deák
8. Totova & Freddie Shuman Ft. Lotfi Begi - Hosszú Idők
9. Zävodi + Berkes Olivér - #Háttérzaj
10. The Couple - Vége Van
11. Soulwave - Kalandor
12. Radics Gigi - See It Through
13. Pál Benjamin - Fathers Eyes
14. Tóth Andi - Ive Got A Fire
15. Peter Kovary & The Royal Rebels - Its A Riot

Cd 2

1. Muri Enikő - Jericho
2. Mrs Columbo - Frozen King
3. Kanizsa Gina - Fall Like Rain
4. The Wings - Mint A Hurrikán
5. Singh Viki - Rain
6. Leander Kills - Élet
7. Csondor Kata - Create
8. Benji - Karcok
9. Chase - Dust In The Wind
10. Calidora - Glory
11. Henderson David - White Shadows
12. Roma Soul - Nyitva A Ház
13. Rocktenors - Ősz
14. Annaelza Feat. Kása Juli - Jártam
15. Kállay Saunders Band - 17

Friday, February 17, 2017

Croatia - Jacques Houdek

HRT, the Croatian broadcaster, has decided to send Jacques Houdek to the 2017 contest.
A song will be presented later.
Image from Jacques Houdeks Facebook

DORA veteran
Jacques Houdek (born Željko Houdek) participated on many occasions in the Croatian selection (DORA):
2002 Carolija (Magic,12th)
2003 Na krilima ljubavi (On the wings of love, 5th)
2004 Nema razloga (No reason, 4th)
2005 Nepobjediva (Invincible, 4th)
2006 Umrijeti s osmjehom (To die with a smile, 15th)
2011 Two singers with each the same three songs: Još ima nas (We still have us), Stotinama godina (For hundreds of years) and Lahor (Breeze) were performed by Houdek and by Daria Kinzer. In the end Lahor was the winning song and Daria’s the winning performance. Lahor became Celebrate and stranded in the first semi-final in Düsseldorf.

Links and sources
Jacques Houdek: Website,  Facebook
Croatia's recent entries are here: 20162013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009
Croatia's Lighthouse made it to the final last year, will they do even better this year?

Czech Republic - Martina Bárta

Picture from Martina Barta's facebook
ČT, the Czech broadcaster, have decided on jazz singer Martina Bárta as the Czech representative for the 2017 contest.

Links and sources
Martina Bárta: Facebook
Czech out these Eurovision jewels: 20162015 - 2011

Gabriela Gunčíková (2016) is a national hero, she was the first singer to qualify for the Czech Republic.
She only ended 25th, but small steps will see the Czechs in the top 10 anytime soon.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Norway's Icebreaker, one of my favorites in Stockholm, broke a good run of finalists. Will Norway redeem itself this year?
The ten songs from this years Melodi Grand Prix are now available through Spotify and Tidal.
If you go here (at NRK) you'll get the listening links.
All songs have been released through digital shops as seperate single.

Links and sources
NRK MGP/Eurovision pages
More Norway entries are here: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Israel - Imri Ziv

Pic From Imri Ziv's Facebook
Imri Ziv (אימרי זיו) will represent Israel in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

The singer for Kyiv was be selected through the talent show The Next Star (HaKokhav HaBa, הכוכב הבא). (a.k.a. Rising Star)
The song will be presented later.

Links and sources
Imri Ziv: Facebook
Rising Star Website (in Hebrew)
Israel's recent Eurovision entries are here: 20162015 2014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Italy - Occidentali’s Karma - Francesco Gabbani

Vinyl 7"inch single
Francesco Gabbani is the winner of the 2017 Sanremo contest.
He has also agreed to take the ticket to Eurovision.
The winning song Occidentali’s Karma is written by Francesco Gabbani, his brother Filippo Gabbani, Fabio Ilacqua and Luca Chiaravalli.

Occidentali’s Karma (Western's Karma) is likely to be the Italian Eurovision entry but theoretically Gabbani can still pick a different song to enter the contest.

OK has been released as a digital single and can be found on the Sanremo 2017 CD (see below).

The Sanremo winner has also been released on a limited edition 7"inch single (1000 copies, transparent blue vinyl) with the instrumental version on the b-side.
(Warner BMG 4050 538 8270969)
Three other Sanremo 2017 entries are released on limited vinyl singles: Paola Turci (red vinyl), Raige e Giulia Luzi (yellow vinyl) and Alessio Barnabei (blue vinyl). All are released by Warner Music Italy.

Gabbani's new album, also titled Occidentali’s Karma is finished and scheduled for an April release.
Occidentali’s Karma digital single (DRI)

Not only does Gabbani's performance have an ape (inhabited by Filippo Ranaldi), he's also the first Eurovision artist ever to have ABBA in his surname. So now you know.

Last year Gabbani won the newcomers section of Sanremo with the song Amen.
He has released two albums so far: Greitist Iz in 2013 and Eternamente Ora in 2016.
He also wrote and recorded the music for the film comedy  Poveri Ma Ricchi (2016)

Occidentali’s Karma - Original
- 7"inch vinyl, Sanremo CD, digital single
Occidentali’s Karma - Instrumental
- 7"inch vinyl
The original version is too long so there will be a Eurovision version/edit for the Kyiv CD.
Spotify had a version without the intro for a while but that was changed. I rather think it was an error than an alternate version (Thanks Frank)

Sanremo 2017
The Italian music festival Sanremo 2017 was  held from Februari 7 to 11.

A 2CD Sanremo 2017 was released by Universal on Februari 10.  It includes most new entries (all except Bianca Etzei) and coverversions performed at the Sanremo shows. Tracklist in picture below.

Many (new) songs participating have already been released on artists albums. (or will be released soon)
All Music Italia has a detailed list of these releases in the shops.

Links and sources
Francesco Gabbani: Website, Facebook
Occidendali's Karma videoclip
RAI Sanremo pages
Thanks to Frank
Go ape about Italy's recent entries 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011
Tracks on the Sanremo 2017 CD

Spain - Do it for your lover - Manel Navarro

Digital single version 2.
Manel Navarro is the winner of Spains preselection Objetivo Eurovision.
His song Do It For Your Lover is written by Navarro himself and has already been released as a digital single.

Two versions of the song have been released so far. You can find them at most digital stores.
The first one, released in Januari is completely in English (listen here).
The second one, released in Februari is in Spanish with English refrain (listen here).
The Spanish/English one is the one performed at the Spanish final and neatly clocks in at 3 minutes, so that's probably the Eurovision version.

Manel Navarro Quesada won the talent show Catalunya Teen Star in 2014 and signed with Sony.
Do It For Your Lover is his third single after Brand New Day (2014) and Candle (2016). 

First versions digital single
Do it for your lover - Spanish/English
Do it for your lover - English original
- both digital releases

Links and sources:
Manel Navarro: Facebook
RTVE Eurovision pages and Eurovision Facebook
You can still listen to the 6 finalists of Objetivo Eurovision here.
Spains recent efforts: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Friday, February 10, 2017

Germany - Perfect Life - Levina

Digital release image
The German ticket to Kyiv is won by Isabella Levina (Isabella Lueen a.k.a. Levina). Her song Perfect Life won the German selection Unser Song 2017.
Perfect Life is written by Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Bassett.

A videoclip was released on Februari 16. (Watch at Youtube)

The song has already been released through digital sources. A Cdsingle is expected on Februari 24. (Unser Song Records/ Sony, see comments)
It will include Perfect Life and Wildfire.

Levina released her first single Rules in 2010 and her EP Bedroom Records in 2015.
She also did some vocals for club tracks like Fly by Patrick Hofmann and Mach Dich Bereit and Sex On The Beach by Hot Bananas.

Perfect life - original
Perfect life - Instrumental
- digital releases

Germany Top 100: 28

5 X Perfect Life.
Five singers performed in the German final and all of them have recorded and released the same two songs, Wildfire and Perfect Life.
Not all artists performed both songs in the three round race, but they all released their versions.
So we already have four coverversions of this years German entry. Sort of.
Instrumental versions of all tracks have also been made available.
The singers are Axel Feige, Yosefin, Helene Nissen and Felicia Lu.

Links and sources
Levina:Website,  Facebook
ARD's Unser Song pages
Thanks to Alexandre
German entries from recent years: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009