Sunday, March 12, 2017

Russia - Flame is burning - Yulia Samoylova (Not in contest)

Russia had appointed Yulia Samoylova (Юлия Самойлова) to represent the country in Kyiv. Her song is Flame Is Burning.
The song is written by Leonid Gutkin, Netta Nimrodi and Ari Burshtein.

Ukraine's refusal to let Yulia into the country and Russia refusing any of the alternatives has resulted in Russia not participating in the 2017 contest.
A nasty political game played by Russia and Ukraine is not in the spirit of the contest. Bah.

The song is included on the official Kyiv album (2CD and digital) but has not been released as a single track or physical single.

Yulia (or Julia) didn't break and has moved on to the Lisbon Eurovision Song Contest (2018).
Find out all about her new entry here.

Yulia Samoylova is know from the talent show Faktor A (The X-Factor Russian style) where she finished second in 2013.
Leonid Gutkin also co-wrote the Russian entries of 2013 (Dina Garipova) and 2015 (Polina Gagarina)

Watch and listen here

Flame is burning - ESC version
- official Kyiv album only (digital & 2CD)
Flame is burning - karaoke
- digital release (official karaoke album)

Links and sources
Yulia Samylova: Website, Facebook, VK
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