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Slovenia - On My Way - Omar Naber

17 - 36 pts in semi 1
The Slovenian entry for Kyiv is On My Way by Omar Naber.
Picture from Omar nabers website
EMA version DRI
12 years after his entry Stop (also in a Kyiv contest!) Naber won the Slovenian selection EMA on the 24th of Februari.
On My Way is written by Omar Naber and Žiga Pirnat.
On My Way (ESC version) was released as a digital single along with its karaoke version first. (which is actually instrumental)
A Slovenian version Tam Nekje (Somewhere) has been recorded. You can see a "live" performance here at RTV SLO. Official (digital) release of Tam Nekje was on June 12, but it had already been available (free and legal) at here at
The original EMA version was released on June 12 (digital).

A promo cdsingle has the Eurovision version and instrumental.

Digital release image
On my way - Eurovision version
- digital release
On my way - EMA version
- digital release
Tam nekje - Slovenian version (ESC arrangement)
- free download
On my way - karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital release

Afrikaans coverversion DRI
A coverversion in Afrikaans was released by Frikkie Van Biljon. His version is titled Elke Tree (Every step) and can be found in your favorite digital stores and streamers. Frikkie's Facebook.

Omar's EMA's
2005 Stop (Winner, 12th in ESC semi) see below
2009 I still carry on (2nd)
2011 Bistvo skrito je očem* (undisclosed, outside top 2)
2014 I won't give up (undisclosed, outside top 2)
* translates loosely as The essence is hidden from sight

Karaoke DRI
Links and sources
Omar Naber: Website,  Facebook
RTV SLO Eurovision pages
Omar Naber at BeaRecords
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005
Slovenia's older entries are here: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Slovenian version DRI

2005: Stop
With Omar Naber returning to the contest, here’s a look back at his 2005 song Stop and its releases and versions.
The first time Omar Naber set foot on the Eurovision stage the contest was also held in Kyiv, Ukraine.
There was only one semi final back then, as the top 10 of the previous year had already secured a place in the final.
Omar got to the 12th place with 69 points and missed out on the final.

Stop was released on cdsingle and a promo cdsingle both with rom content (videoclip, multimedia)
More versions of Stop have been released on various albums, here’s the list.
Both issues of the Stop cdsingle are available at BeaRecords. (here).

Serbian issue of CD Omar (2006)
Stop - ESC version in Slovenian
- on cdsingle   (NIKA records NR CDS P 0179 with rom-content)
On my own - English, ESC arrangement
- on same NIKA cdsingle
Stop - instrumental, ESC arrangement
- on same NIKA cdsingle
Stop - original version as in EMA
- on EMA preselection CD (RTVSCD 005) and CD Omar
On my own - original English, EMA arrangement
- on CD Omar (NIKA NRCD P 0098)
Stop - Serbian version, ESC arrangement
- on Serbian issue CD Omar  (2006, Automatik records ATM 2502006-2)

Preselection songs I Still Carry On, Bistvo Skrito Je Očem and I Won't Give Up can all be found on the 2014 album Na Glavo (NIKA Records 5825578).
The English version of Na Glavo is titled No Helmet and features I Still Carry On. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (English version of Bistvo..) and I Won't Give Up.
Na Glavo is released on CD but of No Helmet I've only seen digital releases. Both are on Spotify.

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