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Estonia - Verona - Koit Toome & Laura

Digital Release Image
14 - 85 pts in semi 2
Koit Toome & Laura won the Estonian selection Eesti Laul with their song Verona.
The song is written by Sven Lõhmus who already has a few Eurovision entries to his name.
The single version of Verona was released as a digital single on Januari 1.
The Eurovision edit and karaoke were released on April 12.
The Eurovision version can be seen and heard here.

Both Koit and Laura have been on the Eurovision stage before.
Koit Toome's Mere Lapsed (Children of the sea) ended 11th in the 1998 contest in Birmingham.
Laura was a member of Suntribe who tried their luck in the Kyiv contest of 2005 with the fabulous Let's Get Loud.
More about those below.

12"inch Vinyl
Vinyl's glorious return has not escaped Eurovision. Koit & Laura release a 12"inch maxi with six versions of Verona. Released on Moonwalk records. (4742423000156)
Vinyl back of sleeve, taken from Moonwalk records
A 1. Verona - Radio Version
A 2. Verona - Italian Version
A 3. Verona - Moon Taxi Remix
B 1. Verona - Eurovision 2017 Version
B 2. Verona - Club Remix
B 3. Verona - 1985 Version
The Radio version is the same version as the first single version (with the birds chirping in the intro)
The 12"inch comes with a download code for all six tracks (Mp3 246 and Wave files)
This Maxi single and other Verona goodies are available at the Verona Shop (here).

A digital EP release has five versions of Verona.
1. Verona - Italian Version
2. Verona - Moon Taxi Remix
3. Verona - Int'l Radio edit 
4. Verona - Club Remix
5. Verona - 1985 Version
The Int'l radio edit is almost the same as the Eurovision version, but has an extra bit of vocal intro. This is the only release that has this version.

The 12 inch
Verona - Eurovision version
- digital release, 12"inch, Kyiv 2CD
Verona - Single version a.k.a Radio version
- (first) digital release, 12"Inch
Verona - Italian version
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Moon Taxi remix
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Club remix
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - 1985 version
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Int'l Radio version
- digital release (EP)
 Verona - Eesti laul version
- website only
Verona - karaoke (of ESC version)
- digital release

Laura's Greatest Hits
Laura release her greatest hits album to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.
The CD includes two versions of Verona (incl. the Italian one) and all her solo Eesti Laul entries (see below: Laura's Laul)
The full tracklist and picture are at the end of this page. Release date May 8, Moonwalk records.
The Cd will be available from the Verona shop.

Eesti Laul 2017
20 songs were lined up for the Estonian selection Eesti Laul including some familiar voices like Lenna Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja), Elina Born, Ivo Linna and eventual winners Koit Toome ja Laura.
You can still listen to the songs at the ERR/ETV Eesti laul pages.

Koit Toome 1998 4 track promo
Koit Toome
Koit Toome entered the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Mere Lapsed. He ended 11th. He recorded quite a few version of the song, more details about those  at the end of this post/page.
In 2007 he entered Eurolaul with the song Veidi Veel (A little bit more) but that failed to reach the three-song superfinal.

Koit's Eurolaul/Eestilaul efforts:
1998 - Mere Lapsed (winner, 11th in ESC)
2003 - Know what I Feel (2nd)
2007 - Veidi Veel (outside top 3)
The Estonian selection for Eurovision was named Eurolaul (Eurosong) from 1993 up to 2008. Since 2009 it's named Eesti Laul (Estonian song).

Suntribe & Laura 1st cdsingle
Laura's Laul 
Laura (Laura Põldvere, Laura Remmel for a short while) has entered the Estonian selection several times. in 2005 she was a member of winning combo Suntribe but also ended 2nd as a solo singer with Moonwalk.
Suntribe ended up 20th in the (single) semifinal of the contest in Kyiv.
2005 Let's get loud - Suntribe (Winner, 20th in ESC semi)
2005 Moonwalk (2nd)
2007 Sunflowers (3rd)
2009 Destiny (3rd)
2016 Supersonic (2nd)

Two cdsingles were released of Suntribes's Eurovision entry, the first one (pictured above left) included Let's Get Loud and runner up Moonwalk. (see end of this post)
Laura is the second artist returning to a Kyiv contest, Omar Naber being the other one.

Sven Lõhmus Eurovision entries
2005 - Let's get loud - Suntribe (20th in semi)
2009 - Rändajad - Urban Symphony (6th in final
2011 - Rockefeller Street - Getter Jaani (24th in final)
In total 18 songs by Sven Lõhmus entered the Estonian selection. They include all Laura songs and the majestic Club Kung Fu by Vanilla Ninja from 2003 that so should have won.

2018 Coverversion
PeterWilson and Sean Smith recorded a coverversion of Verona. Digitally released through Energize records.
First a single track was released, later three remixes followed. (including one by Matt Pop)

Links and sources
Special thanks to Martin!
Laura: Website, Facebook
Koit Toome: Facebook
Verona shop
ERR/ETV Eesti laul pages
Eurovision Colectors Guide 1956-2005
Check out these Estonian gems: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 2009

From the Eurovision Vaults
Koit Toome 4 track promo
Mere Lapsed versions
Mere lapsed - version with piano intro
Children of the sea - English with piano intro
- also on promo cds Koit Toome with 3 other songs (picture)
Children of the sea - seascape edit
Children of the sea - deep blu remix
- all four above on cds promo (ETVCD 002)
Mere lapsed - Estonian with acoustic guitar intro
- on VA CD Eesti üheksakümnendad 1 (2000)
Mere lapsed  - seascape edit in Estonian
- on VA CD Eesti superhitt 3 (Aidem Pot Rec.POT CD 1052)
Mere lapsed - 2007 version
- on Koit Toome CD Allikas (private issue, no label)

Let's Get Loud versions
ETV Promo cds
For the national final (Eurolaul) Suntribe had four members, for Eurovision there were five.
Let's get loud  - Eurolaul version
- only on cds (Sky Plus / First Media 650 5214), also including Laura’s Moonwalk
Let's get loud  - Eurovision version*
Let's get loud  - extended     
Let's get loud  - moon taxi remix
Let's get loud  - moon taxi remix extended
- Above four on ETV / Moonwalk promo cds, no numbers
There's another edit of the Moon Taxi remix, but I don't know its source
* It reads Original version, but it is the later Eurovision version

The (fantastic) CD Moon Taxi by Estonian DJ's Moon Taxi includes two remixes of Let's Get Loud, two of Moonwalk and also one of the 2006 Estonian entry Through My Window by Sandra Oxenryd.

Laura's Greatest Hits tracklist
1. Supersonic
2. 94-95
3. Verona (koos Koit Toomega)
4. Moonwalk
5. Sunflowers
6. Muusa
7. 581 C
8. Lihtsad asjad (feat. Raivo Tafenau)
9. Destiny
10. Pühakud
11. Ultra
12. Südasuve rohtunud teed
13. Võid kindel olla 14. Kustuta kuuvalgus
15. 2020
16. Sädemeid taevast
17. Verona [Italian version]

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