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Malta - Breathlessly - Claudia Faniello

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16 - 55 pts in semi 2
Malta is celebrated their 30th Eurovision with
Claudia Faniello who won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.
The ballad Breathlessly is written by Maltese Eurovision veterans Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg with Philip's son Sean Vella.
Listen here to the original version.

A new version was made for Eurovision. Here's the official video.
The song has been released as a digital single along with a karaoke version. (Cap-sounds).

A cdsingle has been made including four versions of Breathlessly:
- Official version
- Radio version
- Promostella club remix
- Electro club remix
(CAP sounds  Cap 2017035), also available as digital EP

Italian versions DRI
Claudia released two mixes of an Italian version of Breathlessly. It's titled Perdersi (To get lost) and is available through your favorite digital outlets.

Claudia Faniello has been participating in the Maltese selection since 2006 and now finally won the right to represent her country in Eurovision.

This years Malta Eurovision Song Contest selection had 16 songs and you can listen here.
The final was held on Februari 18, there were no semi's this year.

Breathlessly - Eurovision version (official version)
- Kyiv 2CD
Breathlessly - Radio version
Breathlessly - Promostella club remix
Breathlessly - Electro club remix
- digital releases, cdsingle
Perdersi - Italian version
Perdersi - Italian version radio mix
- Italian versions both digital releases
Breathlessly - Original version
- video
Breathlessly - karaoke
- digital release

Picture from Caludia's Facebook
Claudia's Contests:
Claudia's first shot to fame was winning the 2006 Independence Day Festival (Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza) with the song Ma Nafx (Don't know). This prestigious festival featuring songs in Maltese only, has been won by a few other Eurovision singers: Miriam Christine, Claudette Pace, Ira Losco, Mike Spiteri and Bro Fabrizio*.
Claudia Faniello released one album, Convincingly Better (2010) and several (digital) singles
*Eurovision fans know that Claudia's brother Fabrizio entered Eurovision twice. (2001 and 2006)

Claudia has entered the Maltese selection for 8 years in a row with two second places as the best results.
She took a break from 2014 to 2016 and came back in 2017 with a winner.
2013 single When it's time (DRI)
2006 High alert (12th)
2007 L-imħabba għamja  (Love is blind, 7th)
2008 Caravaggio (2nd)
2008 Sunrise (3rd)
2009 Blue sonata (4th)
2009 Midas touch (semi)
2010 Samsara (8th)
2011 Movie in my mind (9th)
2012 Pure (2nd)
2013 When it’s time (7th)
2017 Breathlessly (1st)

The Songwriters
Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg are two of the most prolific Pop songwriters in Malta.
They wrote many many songs for the Maltese (and also other country’s) finals and made it to Eurovision five times.
Desire - Claudette Pace (8th  in 2000)
7th Wonder - Ira Losco (2nd  in 2002)
On Again… Off Again - Julie and Ludwig (12th 2004)
Vertigo - Olivia Lewis (2007, semi)
Vodka - Morena (2008, semi)
Borg (pron: Bordj) also co-wrote the lyrics of the 2014 Russian entry. He's also a successful novelist.
Vella is also an accomplished writer of music for (TV) events, commercials and computer games.

Links and sources
Thanks to Krzysztof
Claudia Faniello: Facebook
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Malta's recent Eurovision stars: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

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