Saturday, March 17, 2018

Romania - Yodel It - Ilinca feat. Alex Florea

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7 - 282 pts /6 - 174 pts in semi 2
After one year on the bench Romania is back with a vengeance. The Romanian public voted massively for Yodel It by Ilinca feat. Alex Florea in the final of the Romanian selection.

Yodel It, a combination of rapping and yodelling, was already released as a digital single in January.
A remix by Al Mike was released in April.
Another remix, by DJ Pantelis & DJ Pete was released in September.

The track was re-released in a remastered version with altered lyrics (the "sh1t" line is replaced) by Universal on March 29 with a karaoke version.

After a long selection process 10 songs entered final on March 5 where the televoters decided the winner..
Listen and watch to the final here at TVR
Last years unlucky boy Ovidiu Anton performed a special concert in the first semi final with his new band called Anton.

Yodel it! - Eurovision version
- Kyiv 2CD
Yodel it! - Single version
Yodel it! - karaoke
- digital releases
Yodel it! - Al Mike official remix
- youtube, digital release
Yodel it! - DJ Pantelis & DJ Pete remix
- digital release 

Sweden top 100: 64, -
Netherlands top 100: 90, -
Germany top 100: 93, -
Switzerland top 100: 50, -
France top 200: 70, -
Austria top 75: 34
Spain top 50: 46

2nd DRI
Links and sources
Thanks to the Eurovision Romania Team and to Rick
Ilinca: Facebook
Alex Florea: Facebook
TVR Eurovision pages, Facebook
Romania's recent entries: 2016 (out) - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009
Romania are one of the very few countries that have always proceded from the semi to the final, Ilinca and Alex were no exception.

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