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Norway - Grab The Moment - JOWST

10 - 158 pts /5 - 189 pts in semi 2
Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2017was won by JOWST and the song Grab The Moment.
JOWST is DJ Joakim With Steen and he is joined by Aleksander Walmann who takes care of the vocals.

Grab The Moment is written by Joakim With Steen himself and Jonas McDonell.
The song has been released as a digital single.
NRK have issued a 1-track promo cds. (NRK, no numbers)
NRK promo

Picture sampled from Soundcloud
The ten songs from this years Melodi Grand Prix were first available through Spotify and Tidal and later iTunes.
If you go here (at NRK) you'll get the listening links.
They have been released as separate singles rather than a MGP album.

Remix the moment
A remix contest for Grab The Moment is what we need. You can make a remix of the Norwegian Eurovision Tune, use all the samples you like (it's allowed you know). Grab the necessary soundfiles here at soundcloud (Click ...More and then download) and let us know how you're doing. Kill kill kill, kill kill, la la la.....
Update: Some of the mixes can be heard here at JOWSTs Soundcloud. Don't know if anyone won or anything.

JOWST made some friends in Kyiv. He remixed the Czech entry for Martina Bárta and also made a remix for Manel Navarro (Keep On Falling, not his Eurovision song)

Digital release image
Grab the moment - ESC/single version
- Kyiv 2CD, promo
Grab the moment - karaoke
- digital release

Norway VG lista: 16, 15, 19, 27, 32, 39, -, 34, 6, 12, 22, 32
Sweden top 100: 56
Austria top 75: 73

Links and sources
Special thanks to Felix at NRK!
JOWST: Facebook, Website, Soundcloud
NRK MGP/Eurovision pages
More Norway entries are here: 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Czech Republic - My Turn - Martina Bárta

13 - 83 pts in semi 1
ČT, the Czech broadcaster, decided on jazz singer Martina Bárta as the Czech representative for the 2017 contest.
Her song is titled My Turn. It's written by Kyler Niko and DWB (Craig Watts, Paul Drew & Peter Barringer)
The song was revealed on March 7.
The official video is here at
Peter Barringer also co-wrote this years Polish entry.
My Turn was released as a digital single on March 29. The karaoke version is also out now.
The promotional single is a 1-track cds in a large fold out sleeve (just over 7 inch) with lyrics, interview and bio's.

JOWST remix
Friendships were forged in Kyiv. Norwegian entrant JOWST made a remix of Martina's entry and it was released as a digital track on September 25 (CT/Universal)
JOWST remix Digital Release Image

Who is Martina Bárta?
Digital release image
Martina Bárta is an award winning Jazz singer and musician (she plays the French Horn) known from her work with the Felix Slováček Big Band and the Sinatrology project, celebrating the music of Frank Sinatra.
She also performs with her sister Kristina, who is a successful jazz pianist and composer.

Martina played the leading female role of Maid Marion in the musical Robin Hood by Ondřej Soukup and Gábina Osvaldová in Prague's Divadlo Kalich Threatre.
She won her spot in the musical through the casting show Robin Hood - Cesta ke slávě (Robin Hood - The Path to Fame)

Her star contined rising with the Scotch and Soda project in Germany where she interpreted Jazz classics with Martin Gartschock.

Karaoke DRI
My turn - single/ESC version
- Kyiv 2CD
My Turn (JOWST remix)
- digital release
My turn - karaoke
- digital releases

Links and sources
Martina Bárta: Website,  Facebook
Thanks to Martin at Ceska Televize
Czech out these Eurovision jewels: 20162015 - 2011

Gabriela Gunčíková (2016) is a national hero, she was the first singer to qualify for the Czech Republic. In the end she only finished 25th, but small steps will see the Czechs in the top 10 anytime soon, sadly it wasn't Martina's Turn.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Moldova - Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project

3 - 374 pts /2 - 291 pts in semi 1
Sunstroke Project won the Moldovan final with the song Hey Mamma.
Hey Mamma is written by the band themselves with Alina Galetskaya.

At Eurovision the Sunstroke boys delivered and gave the country their best ever result, improving by three places on their 2005 granny friendly debut entry Boonika Bate Toba which ended 6th.

Listen to the studio version here at Ragoza music's Youtube.
The song was been released on iTunes and other digital sources, along with a karaoke version. (see versions below)

May 22 sees another digital release now including a new version: The Anthony Waldhorn remix
Spotify is limited though, but you can listen at Anthony Waldhorns Soundcloud.
August sees the release of four remixes (two mixes each in two versions). They are released through JE/Just Entertainment in Italy and three of them are available through Columbia in Germany. Spotify releases only in limited territories.
JE has a Youtube that features all versions (here). See versions list below.

A promo CD is issued. It features 10 tracks including the Eurovision songs from 2017 and 2010.
Full tracklist below.

Digital release image
Sunstroke Project are:
Anton Ragoza - Violinist, composer
Sergey Stepanov - Epic Sax Guy
Sergey Ialovitsky – Vocal

Sunstroke Project with singer Olia Tira graced the Eurovision stage in 2010 with Run Away which made it to the final in Oslo and ended 22nd.
The Sax player caused a bit of a self-fullfilled internet hype as Epic Sax Guy and he kept the title ever since.

The 2010 page on Sunstroke Project with Olia Tira has been updated with the latest info, corrected links and all that. Please take a look at the Run Away versions and releases.

Remix DRI
Hey Mamma - radio edit/Eurovision edit
- Kyiv 2CD
Hey Mamma - Anthony Waldhorn remix edit
- digital release
Hey Mamma - Anthony Waldhorn remix extended
- digital release
Hey Mamma - Cerruti Re-Touch (Radio edit)
- digital release
Hey Mamma - Cerruti Re-Touch
- digital release
It appears some of the the remixes are only available in limited territories. But you can listen through JE's Youtube.
Hey Mamma - karaoke version (single track release)
- both digital releases
Hey Mamma - karaoke version (= instrumental)
- digital release (official karaoke album)

A coverversion in Afrikaans was released by South African singer Karin Bekker.
Find out more here at Eurocovers.

Sweden top 100: 20, 18, 33, 24, 30, 36, 39, 48, 64, 90, 99
Netherlands top 100: 70, -
Switzerland top 100: 55, -
France top 200: 56, -
Austria top 75: 27, -
Spain top 50: 34, -
Belgium top 50 (FL): 49, -

You can listen to all the songs from the Moldovan selection  here at TRM (new link)

2016 re-issue Run Away (digital)
O Melodie Pentru Europa
Sunstroke Projects Moldovan national selection entries:
2009 - No Crime (3rd)
2010 - Run Away (with Olia Tira, winner, 22nd in ESC)
2010 - Believe (didn’t proceed to semi)
2012 - Superman (with Olia Tira, didn’t proceed to semi)
2015 - Lonely (semi final, withdrawn)
2015 - Day after day (3rd)

Links and sources:
Sunstroke Project:Website, Facebook
Sunstroke Project at BeaRecords.
TRM Eurovision page
Sunstroke Project at the Oslo Collection
Moldova's Eurovision efforts: 20162015 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Hey Mamma! Tracklist
1. Hey Mamma (Eurovision 2017)
2. Epic Sax (from the EP Don't Touch The Classics Vol.1.)
3. Day after day (2015 preselection)
4. Amor (2014 single)
5. Walking in the rain (2011 single)
6. Lonely (2015 preselection)
7. Not giving it up (2015 single)
8. Run away (Eurovision 2010)
9. Мария Хуана (Russian version of Maria Juana, 2016 single)
10. Home (2016 single)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Italy - Occidentali’s Karma - Francesco Gabbani

Vinyl 7"inch single
6 - 334 pts, not in semi 
Francesco Gabbani is the winner of the 2017 Sanremo contest and he also agreed to take the ticket to Eurovision.
The winning song Occidentali’s Karma is written by Francesco Gabbani, his brother Filippo Gabbani, Fabio Ilacqua and Luca Chiaravalli.

Occidentali’s Karma (Western's Karma) is being recorded in English and Spanish.
(now where are they....)

The Eurovision edit is fully in Italian after all.
The official video is here 
On April 26 the official videoclip reached the 100.000.000 views mark at Youtube (Vevo).
More than any Eurovision video ever, and the contest is still two weeks away.
Update 2018: One year after the video was released the ticker stands at 180.000.000.

OK has been released as a digital single and can be also found on the Sanremo 2017 CD (see below).
The Eurovision version was released (digital) on April 7.

Vinile, promo's and more
Francesco Gabbani is thee King (Kong) of limited editions.
The Sanremo winner has also been released on a limited edition 7"inch single (1000 numbered copies, transparent blue vinyl) with the instrumental version on the b-side.
(Warner BMG 4050 538 8270969).
Mispressing vinyl single, pic from discogs
But Warner cheated and have pressed an extra 1500 copies numbered 1001/2500 to 2500/2500.
Mispressings of the first batch exist. They didn't turn out blue but transparant. Instant collectors item???

More Sanremo Vinyl
Warner Music Italy released three more Sanremo 2017 entries  on limited vinyl singles:
Fatti Bella Per Te - Paola Turci (red vinyl)
Togliamoci La Voglia - Raige e Giulia Luzi (yellow vinyl)
Nel Mezzo Di Un Applauso - Alessio Barnabei (blue vinyl).
Two more Vinyl Sanremo singles were released by other companies:
Tutta Colpa Mia - Elodie (Universal, pink vinyl)
Canzone Per Federica - Maldestro (Aerelive, white vinyl)

More Karma stuff
A cdsingle of Occidentali's Karma was released March 17, so far it seems to be another limited edition affair with a t-shirt. The disc includes OK, the instrumental and a version of Eternamente Ora. (BMG 5382 79820).

A 1 track promo cdsingle is also issued. It's a 3"inch cds in a 5"inch sleeve. (Promo BMG 1317)
3"inch promo, picture taken from discogs
Kyiv promo

An Italian BMG promo, also used in Kyiv (BMG 1346), includes the original version, A Benny Benassi & MazZz remix,  a Karaoke (which is ctually the full instrumental) and the song Amen.
Another promo cds is issued by Undivided records (A label from Belgium). It includes the original version, A Benny Benassi & MazZz remix, a Karaoke version and the song Amen. The Karaoke is listed as being 3:09, so I'm not sure if it's the Eurovision karaoke or the original instrumental (as on the BMG promo) with a misprint for the tracks length.

A set of 10 remixes has been released on May 5, (digital shops, see versions below.)

Gabbani's new album, titled Magellano is released in Italy on April 28. It will be released on CD, Vinyl LP and digital. The LP will also come in a limited edition white vinyl pressing (Out on May 3, exclusively for
CD: BMG 538292242 Italy
CD: BMG 538293043 Europe
LP: BMG 538292261 Italy
LP (White vinyl): BMG 538292311 Italy
The European edition titled Magellan, out on May, 12 includes one extra track: Amen from the 2016 Sanremo contest.
See tracklist below.
The Magellano album, picture from Francesco Gabbani's Facebook

Occidentali’s Karma digital single (DRI)

Not only does Gabbani's performance have an ape (inhabited by Filippo Ranaldi), he's also the first Eurovision artist ever to have ABBA in his surname. So now you know.

Last year Gabbani won the newcomers section of Sanremo with the song Amen.
He has released two albums so far: Greitist Iz in 2013 and Eternamente Ora in 2016.
He also wrote and recorded the music for the film comedy  Poveri Ma Ricchi (2016)

Magellano special edition
November 17 sees the release of a Special edition of the Magellano album. The 2CD includes a disc with live tracks recorded on Gabbani's recent tour.
Of course Occidentali's Karma is also included.

Occidentali’s Karma - Eurovision version
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD
Occidentali’s Karma - Original
- 7"inch vinyl, Sanremo CD, digital single, CD Magellano
Occidentali’s Karma - Instrumental
- 7"inch vinyl, cdsingle
Occidentali’s Karma - ESC version karaoke
- digital release, Undivided promo cds (unsure)
Occidentali’s Karma - Benny Benassi & Mazzz remix
- digital release, Undivided promo.
Occidentali's Karma - Marc Benjamin & DNMKG remix
Occidentali's Karma - Gabry Ponte remix
Remixes DRI
Occidentali's Karma - Addal remix (edit)
Occidentali's Karma -  Dj Ross & Savietto remix
Occidentali's Karma -  Molella & Valentini remix
Occidentali's Karma - Tyro Maniac remix
Occidentali's Karma - Simon from Deep Divas remix
Occidentali's Karma - Ken Holland vs Mess remix
Occidentali's Karma - Wlady remix (radio edit)
- all remixes: digital release
Occidentali's Karma (live)
- 2CD Magellano Special Edition (out Nov 17)

Occidentali’s Karma - English version
Occidentali’s Karma - Spanish version
- English and Spanish to be revealed (or probably not....).
Spotify had an Italian version without the intro for a while but that was changed. I rather think it was an error than an alternate version (Thanks Frank)

Occidentali's Karma got Platinum status in Italy after just one week of sales, double platinum in three weeks, triple in six, quadruple in 12. Five time platinum was announced on August 9.
Italy top 20: 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 6, 7, 6, 7, 8, 16, -
Switzerland top 100: 25, 79, 96, -, 43, -
Sweden top 100: 87, -
Austria top 75: 57, -
France top 200: 110, -
Spain top 50: 14, -

i Cover
A fun kids cover is released on the (digital) album Baby Dance vol. 12. It is sung by Sofia Del Baldo (watch here).
Another cover aimed at the kids (but quite crappy) by "Elsa" can be found as a digital single.
Fuori Orario made a "dance" cover better avoided. (Album Cover Medley 2).
German acoustic rock singer Meg Pfeiffer recorded an acoustic version for her digital EP Perfect Life (ESC Convention & Acoustic-Edition) which also includes a cover of the German entry.

A coverversion in English was released by South African singer Karin Bekker.
Find out more here at Eurocovers.

Quite nasty cover by Antonella Francavilla and by Pippo Scagliola are also released. The version by Fuori Orario is equally useless, but it has a dance beat.
Above coverversions have been released through digital stores, many other spoofs and covers have been uploaded to the Tube, but you'll have to sort these out for yourself.

Sanremo 2017
The Italian music festival Sanremo 2017 was  held from Februari 7 to 11.

A 2CD Sanremo 2017 was released by Universal on Februari 10.  It includes most new entries (all except Bianca Etzei) and coverversions performed at the Sanremo shows. Tracklist in picture below.

Many (new) songs participating have already been released on artists albums. (or will be released soon)
All Music Italia has a detailed list of these releases in the shops.

The cdsingle/t-Shirt box
Links and sources
Thanks to Marek and to Nigel.
Francesco Gabbani: Website, Facebook
Gabbani at Discogs
Occidendali's Karma videoclip
RAI Sanremo pages
Thanks to Frank
Go ape about Italy's recent entries 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011
Tracks on the Sanremo 2017 CD
Tracklist Magellano
01. Magellano
02. Tra Le Granite E Le Granate
03. Occidentali’s Karma
04. A Moment Of Silence
05. La Mia Versione Dei Ricordi
06. Susanna, Susanna
07. Foglie Al Gelo
08. Pachidermi E Pappagalli
09. Spogliarmi
The European CD (out on May 12) also includes the track Amen as track 5. (originally on the CD Eternamente Ora). The Italian CD was released on April 28, the European edition on May 12.
European edition

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cyprus - Gravity - Hovig

promo cds
21 - 68 pts /5- 164 pts in semi 1
Hovig (Hovig Demirjian, Χόβιγκ Ντεμιρτζιάν) represented Cyprus in the 2017 contest with the song Gravity.
His participation was already announced in October 2016.
His song is written with Swedish Eurovision songwriter Thomas G:Son. It was presented on March 1. The digital single is out since March 2.
Remixes were made by 7th Heaven.
Listen here at Hovig Youtube.
The remixes were released (digital) on May 13.

A promo cdsingle  issued by RIK (PIK) features five versions of Gravity.
1. Gravity
2. Gravity - Karaoke Version
3. Gravity - Instrumental Version
4. Gravity - 7th Heaven Radio Edit
5. Gravity - 7th Heaven Club Mix

An Acoustic version of Gravity was released on September 15. Available through all digital platforms.
Digital Release Image of Acoustic version

Digital release image
Hovig first claim to fame was to end 7th in the X-Factor Greece in 2009.
In 2010 he entered the Cypriot selection for Eurovision with the song Goodbye which ended third.
In 2015 he tried again with the song Stone In A River (4th).
He has released a few singles the most recent being Stone In A River but he hasn't released an album yet.
Hovig is from Armenian descent so here you go: Հովիկ Դեմիրճյան.

Remixes DRI
Gravity - Original
- Kyiv 2CD
Gravity - 7th Heaven Epic mix / Club mix
Gravity - 7th Heaven Radio edit
Gravity - karaoke
- all above digital releases
Gravity - instrumental
- All on promo cds
Gravity - Acoustic
- digital release

Links and sources
Thanks to Krzysztof!
Hovig: Website,  Facebook
Thomas G:Son at Loreen's page (The Baku Collection)
More Cyprus entries: 20162015 - 2013 - 2012 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Finland - Blackbird - Norma John

Picture from YLE's UMK page
12 - 92 pts in semi 1
Blackbird by Norma John is the winner of the 2017 Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK), the quest to find a Eurovision entry for Finland.
Norma John are Leena Tirronen en Lasse Piirainen and they wrote the song themselves.
The song has been released on the digital UMK album and as a seperate digital single (Feb 21).

A 1-track promo cds was made for radio, don't know if there's any promo for Kyiv.

A remix of Blackbird was released on July 12. (digital release)

pic from e-bay
Blackbird - ESC/UMK version
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD, radio promo
Blackbird - Remix
- digital single (July 12)
Blackbird - karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital release 

Leena Tirronen ended third in the 2010 X-Factor in Finland and got to release an album Leena Ihmemaassa (Lena in wonderland) and a few singles. None of them made it to the charts and she was soon dropped from her label (Sony). Lasse Piirainen co-wrote some of the songs on her album.
The pianist/keyboardist/producer tinkled the keys in the past for Milana Misic, Johanna Kurkela, Anna Abreu and more.

Digital single release image
10 songs were lined up for the Finnish Eurovision selection
They all have been released digitally (iTunes) and are available through Spotify
Capitol Records Promo cd-r's of the UMK 2017 album have been distributed by YLE at the UMK live events. (see coments)
The last time an official CD was released was in 2014.

--- ---
Links and sources
Thanks to Juha.
Norma John: Facebook
YLE UMK pages
Remember these Finnish entries?: 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Kyiv Bonus Entertainment

DRI Vidlik EP by Onuka
Openings and intervals are an integral part of the Eurovision experience, but most of the time I notice them only when rewatching the events as on the night it’s the time for pooring drinks, totting up votes and topping up the peanut bowls.

These are this years interval acts that have their music released for the public. All are for sale through the digital stores, although not in all territories. And you can Spotify them. I've even made a playlist so you don't have to, scroll to end of this post.

Semi 1 was opened by Monatik (Монатік) who performed his song Spinning. The track was released on May 9 through your favorite digital stores.
The track was originally released in its original version Кружит (Kruzhit, Circles) in 2016 on the album звучит (Zvuchit, Sounds). The album was also released on CD.

Jamala and DakhaBrakha, from Jamala's facebook
Jamala gave us a new version of 1944 in the interval of Semi 1. This Symphonic version was released as a digital track. The other song she performed, Заманили (Zamanyly, Lured , seduced),  is a digital single from 2016.
The track was originally released by Jamala with DakhaBrakha (ДахаБраха). DakhaBrakha are a world music quartet from Kyiv.
I think it was quite rude not to credit DakhaBrakha on the night, as it’s their joint version you hear at the interval.
Anyway, it was the best Jamala performance of the contest and the song has been released in two versions (digital).
Jamala’s third song was I Believe In U, which was performed in the Final Interval. This was released as a digital single on May 14.

Ruslana, the winner of the 2004 contest, also appeared in the Final. She performed her new song It’s Magical.
The song has been released on May 14 in its English and Ukrainian (Я Люблю) versions.
In Kyiv Ruslana performed a bi-lingual version

Pic stolen from Instarix
By far my favorite bonus act was Onuka. They performed a medley of songs with the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine.
The songs included Other and Vidlik (the one with the words in the background) both to be found on the 2016 EP Vidlik. The Vidlik EP was released digitally but also as a white vinyl 12”inch.
First part Misto / Around Me and last part Untitled (where we begin) can be be found (as seperate tracks) on their 2014 album Onuka, which is well worth checking out too.
I hadn't heard of Onuka before the contest, but I'll be checking them out if there's new work. They're all I wanted Fusedmarc to be (and I really tried...)
Vidlik could benefit from a stunning remix though, as the original studio version may be a bit too hardcore for the dancefloor.

Verka Serduchka
There was no escaping Verka Serduchka and her Mamma, and rightfully so. But business is business and the digital compilation The Best Of Verka Serduchka was released to coincide with the contest.
This digital collection includes a 2015 mix of the 2007 entry Dancing Lasha Tumbai. It’s very similar to some of the old versions but with a few new sounds here and there.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Bulgaria - Beautiful mess - Kristian Kostov

Digital release image (Virginia)
2 - 615 pts /1 - 403 pts in semi 2
The Bulgarian entry for 2017 is Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov (Кристиан Костов).
The song is written by Borislav Malinov, Sebastian Armann, Joacim Bo Persson, Alex Omar and Alexander Blay.

Kristian's 2nd place is the best result for Bulgaria, beating last years 4th place for Poli Genova's If Love Was A Crime.

Listen here (lyric video)

Beautiful Mess was released as a digital single on March 13 (Virginia records) and again on April 21 (Cosmos)

A promo cdsingle is issued. It's a cd-rom with 1-track audio and other content like a wave file, lyrics, bio and pictures.

Remixes were released the day after Kostov's semi final (May 12), see versions below.

promo, pic from e-bay
Born in 2000 on March 15, Kristian Kostov is the first Eurovision star born in this century.*

He was a runner up in the Bulgarian X-factor (2015/2016)
His most recent single is You Got Me Girl which he recorded in English and in Bulgarian (Не Си За Мен, Ne zi za men).

Malinov, Armann and Persson were also behind last years successfull Bulgarian entry If Love Was A Crime.
The trio also co-wrote the entry of Macedonia this year (With Alex Omar) and Malinov and Perssson have their name under the Serbian entry too.

Remixes DRI
Beautiful mess - ESC version
- Kyiv 2CD, promo
Beautiful mess - Hit The Floor remix
Beautiful mess - Baron Grand Sunset remix
- remixes: digital releases
Beautiful mess - Instrumental
- digital release

Bulgaria top 50: 3, 2, 3, 8, 8, 9, 13, 23, 34, -
Sweden top 100: 51, 100, -
Netherlands top 100: 91, -
Switzerland top 100: 85, -
Austria top 75: 60, -
Portugal top 50: 50, -
France top 200: 160, -
Spain top 50: 38, -

2nd release DRI (Cosmos)
Links and sources
Thanks to Krzysztof 
Kristian Kostov: VKontakte, Facebook
More Bulgarian entries to check out: 20162013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Poli Genova gave Bulgaria their best result ever in last years contest. Will they be able to top that this year?.

* Century, Schmentury. "Of the 2000's" if you insist the century started in 2001.
Anyway, I think the singer born longest ago is Lale Andersen (Germany 1961) who was born in 1905 closely followed by Jacques Pills (Monaco 1959) who was born in 1906.
So not a 100 years between the first born and last born yet.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Estonia - Verona - Koit Toome & Laura

Digital Release Image
14 - 85 pts in semi 2
Koit Toome & Laura won the Estonian selection Eesti Laul with their song Verona.
The song is written by Sven Lõhmus who already has a few Eurovision entries to his name.
The single version of Verona was released as a digital single on Januari 1.
The Eurovision edit and karaoke were released on April 12.
The Eurovision version can be seen and heard here.

Both Koit and Laura have been on the Eurovision stage before.
Koit Toome's Mere Lapsed (Children of the sea) ended 11th in the 1998 contest in Birmingham.
Laura was a member of Suntribe who tried their luck in the Kyiv contest of 2005 with the fabulous Let's Get Loud.
More about those below.

12"inch Vinyl
Vinyl's glorious return has not escaped Eurovision. Koit & Laura release a 12"inch maxi with six versions of Verona. Released on Moonwalk records. (4742423000156)
Vinyl back of sleeve, taken from Moonwalk records
A 1. Verona - Radio Version
A 2. Verona - Italian Version
A 3. Verona - Moon Taxi Remix
B 1. Verona - Eurovision 2017 Version
B 2. Verona - Club Remix
B 3. Verona - 1985 Version
The Radio version is the same version as the first single version (with the birds chirping in the intro)
The 12"inch comes with a download code for all six tracks (Mp3 246 and Wave files)
This Maxi single and other Verona goodies are available at the Verona Shop (here).

A digital EP release has five versions of Verona.
1. Verona - Italian Version
2. Verona - Moon Taxi Remix
3. Verona - Int'l Radio edit 
4. Verona - Club Remix
5. Verona - 1985 Version
The Int'l radio edit is almost the same as the Eurovision version, but has an extra bit of vocal intro. This is the only release that has this version.

The 12 inch
Verona - Eurovision version
- digital release, 12"inch, Kyiv 2CD
Verona - Single version a.k.a Radio version
- (first) digital release, 12"Inch
Verona - Italian version
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Moon Taxi remix
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Club remix
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - 1985 version
- 12"inch, digital release (EP)
Verona - Int'l Radio version
- digital release (EP)
 Verona - Eesti laul version
- website only
Verona - karaoke (of ESC version)
- digital release

Laura's Greatest Hits
Laura release her greatest hits album to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.
The CD includes two versions of Verona (incl. the Italian one) and all her solo Eesti Laul entries (see below: Laura's Laul)
The full tracklist and picture are at the end of this page. Release date May 8, Moonwalk records.
The Cd will be available from the Verona shop.

Eesti Laul 2017
20 songs were lined up for the Estonian selection Eesti Laul including some familiar voices like Lenna Kuurmaa (Vanilla Ninja), Elina Born, Ivo Linna and eventual winners Koit Toome ja Laura.
You can still listen to the songs at the ERR/ETV Eesti laul pages.

Koit Toome 1998 4 track promo
Koit Toome
Koit Toome entered the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Mere Lapsed. He ended 11th. He recorded quite a few version of the song, more details about those  at the end of this post/page.
In 2007 he entered Eurolaul with the song Veidi Veel (A little bit more) but that failed to reach the three-song superfinal.

Koit's Eurolaul/Eestilaul efforts:
1998 - Mere Lapsed (winner, 11th in ESC)
2003 - Know what I Feel (2nd)
2007 - Veidi Veel (outside top 3)
The Estonian selection for Eurovision was named Eurolaul (Eurosong) from 1993 up to 2008. Since 2009 it's named Eesti Laul (Estonian song).

Suntribe & Laura 1st cdsingle
Laura's Laul 
Laura (Laura Põldvere, Laura Remmel for a short while) has entered the Estonian selection several times. in 2005 she was a member of winning combo Suntribe but also ended 2nd as a solo singer with Moonwalk.
Suntribe ended up 20th in the (single) semifinal of the contest in Kyiv.
2005 Let's get loud - Suntribe (Winner, 20th in ESC semi)
2005 Moonwalk (2nd)
2007 Sunflowers (3rd)
2009 Destiny (3rd)
2016 Supersonic (2nd)

Two cdsingles were released of Suntribes's Eurovision entry, the first one (pictured above left) included Let's Get Loud and runner up Moonwalk. (see end of this post)
Laura is the second artist returning to a Kyiv contest, Omar Naber being the other one.

Sven Lõhmus Eurovision entries
2005 - Let's get loud - Suntribe (20th in semi)
2009 - Rändajad - Urban Symphony (6th in final
2011 - Rockefeller Street - Getter Jaani (24th in final)
In total 18 songs by Sven Lõhmus entered the Estonian selection. They include all Laura songs and the majestic Club Kung Fu by Vanilla Ninja from 2003 that so should have won.

Links and sources
Special thanks to Martin!
Laura: Website, Facebook
Koit Toome: Facebook
Verona shop
ERR/ETV Eesti laul pages
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From the Eurovision Vaults
Koit Toome 4 track promo
Mere Lapsed versions
Mere lapsed - version with piano intro
Children of the sea - English with piano intro
- also on promo cds Koit Toome with 3 other songs (picture)
Children of the sea - seascape edit
Children of the sea - deep blu remix
- all four above on cds promo (ETVCD 002)
Mere lapsed - Estonian with acoustic guitar intro
- on VA CD Eesti üheksakümnendad 1 (2000)
Mere lapsed  - seascape edit in Estonian
- on VA CD Eesti superhitt 3 (Aidem Pot Rec.POT CD 1052)
Mere lapsed - 2007 version
- on Koit Toome CD Allikas (private issue, no label)

Let's Get Loud versions
ETV Promo cds
For the national final (Eurolaul) Suntribe had four members, for Eurovision there were five.
Let's get loud  - Eurolaul version
- only on cds (Sky Plus / First Media 650 5214), also including Laura’s Moonwalk
Let's get loud  - Eurovision version*
Let's get loud  - extended     
Let's get loud  - moon taxi remix
Let's get loud  - moon taxi remix extended
- Above four on ETV / Moonwalk promo cds, no numbers
There's another edit of the Moon Taxi remix, but I don't know its source
* It reads Original version, but it is the later Eurovision version

The (fantastic) CD Moon Taxi by Estonian DJ's Moon Taxi includes two remixes of Let's Get Loud, two of Moonwalk and also one of the 2006 Estonian entry Through My Window by Sandra Oxenryd.

Laura's Greatest Hits tracklist
1. Supersonic
2. 94-95
3. Verona (koos Koit Toomega)
4. Moonwalk
5. Sunflowers
6. Muusa
7. 581 C
8. Lihtsad asjad (feat. Raivo Tafenau)
9. Destiny
10. Pühakud
11. Ultra
12. Südasuve rohtunud teed
13. Võid kindel olla 14. Kustuta kuuvalgus
15. 2020
16. Sädemeid taevast
17. Verona [Italian version]