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Greece - This Is Love - Demy

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19 - 77 pts /10 - 115 pts in semi 1
ERT selected Demy (Dimitra Papadea, Δήμητρα Παπαδέα) to represent Greece in the Kyiv Eurovision Song Contest.

Her winning song, This Is Love was selected on March 6. It is written by Dimitris Kontopoulos (see below), Romy Papadea and John Ballard.
Demy performed (all) three songs in the national final.

This Is Love (first released version) is released as a digital single.
At most digital outlets it has been replaced with the new version.

For the Eurovision version the song has had a bit of a makeover including some lyric changes.
Here's the first official video
And here's the new version
(Panikrecords Youtube)

Before the Greek NF an earlier version of the song escaped to the www. This version was removed from Youtube.

Promo box
Οσο ζώ
A greek version was released on April 30. Oso Zo (Οσο ζώ, As long as I live) has been released as a digital single track. (Panik records)
A ballad version (in English) was released on April 28. (digital).

Demy : The Album
On April 18 an album was released. It's titled Demy and includes This Is Love and her other preselection songs Angels and When The Morning Comes Around.
The album is released on CD and through digital stores. It's Demy's third album after #1 (2012) and Rodino Oneiro (Ρόδινο Όνειρο, Pink Dream, 2014)
(Panik Records 5200390300345, Full tracklist below)

The Demy album is also used for promotion in Kyiv, it comes in a card box/sleeve with an extra disc (DVDrom) including wave files of the ESC version and karaoke, bio, pictures and the videoclip in DVD quality.

In 2016 she released a (digital) single Isovia Mazi (Ισόβια Μαζί, Life together) which is a Greek coverversion of Poli Genova's If Love Was A Crime (Bulgarian entry 2016).

Greek version DRI
This Is Love - ESC version
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD
This Is Love - First official version
- digital release
Oso zo (Οσο ζώ) - Greek version
- digital release
This Is Love - Pre NF version (leaked version)
-  audiovideo only
This Is Love - ballad version
- digital release
This Is Love - ESC version karaoke 
- digital release, also named instrumental (but it has b-vox)

2016 single Isovia Mazi, DRI
Links and sources
Thanks to Frank, to Krzysztof and to Nigel
Demy: Website,  Facebook
Isovia Mazi (If love was a crime) videoclip
ERT Eurovision Facebook
Find out more about these Greek entries: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Dimitris Kontopoulos’ Eurovision entries
For the 2017 entry Demy worked with composer Dimitris Kontopoulos (see below) and choreographer/director Fokas Evaggelinos.
Dimitris Kontopoulos has written several succesfull Eurovision entries for Greece and other countries. and Evaggelinos was involved in even more. He choreographed Greece's winner from 2005 and went on to be the creative director for the 2006 Athens contest.
Kontopoulos’ Eurovision entries:
2007: Koldun - Work Your Magic - Koldun (Belarus, 7th)
2008: Ani Lorak - Shady Lady (Ukraine, 2nd)
2009: Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night (Greece, 7th)
2013: Farid Mammadov - Hold Me (Azerbaijan, 2nd)
2014: Tolmachevy Sisters - Shine (Russia, 7th)
2016: Sergey Lazarev - You Are the Only One (Russia, 3rd)

Album Demy DRI
Tracklist CD Demy
2. When Then Morning Comes Around
3. Angels
4. Fallin (Playmen feat. Demy)
5. Nothing Better (Playmen feat. Demy)
6. The Sun (Demy & Alex Leon feat. Epsilon)
7. Chasing the Stars (Emil Lonam Remix)
8. Where Is the Love (Angel Stoxx feat. Demy)
9. Some Hearts Are Meant to Fall
10. One Love
11. You Fooled Me
12. That Feeling

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