Sunday, April 9, 2017

Germany - Perfect Life - Levina

25 - 6 pts, not in semi 
The German ticket to Kyiv was won by Levina (Isabella Lueen). Her song Perfect Life won the German selection Unser Song 2017.
Perfect Life is written by Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Bassett.

A videoclip was released on Februari 16. (Watch at Youtube)

A new mix / edit was released on the Eurovision 2CD and used at the contest.

Physical release
A Cdsingle with the original version is out since Februari 24.
It comes with a hand signed autograph card
(Unser Song Records/ Sony, 88985 19422 2)
the disc also includes her version of the other pre-selection song Wildfire.

A remix has also been released (on March 10). The Madizin Mix can be found at all your regular digital stores and is also included on Levina's album Unexpected.

Levina released her first single Rules in 2010 and her EP Bedroom Records in 2015.
She also did some vocals for club tracks like Fly by Patrick Hofmann and Mach Dich Bereit and Sex On The Beach by Hot Bananas.

Levina has released her album Unexpected on April 28. It includes Perfect Life (ESC version), Wildfire and the Madizin remix of Perfect Life. (Unser Song / Sony)
The original tracklist was a bit of clever fun, but the new tracklist is the real one, see at the end of this post.

Remix DRI
Perfect life - Eurovision version
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD, CD Unexpected
Perfect life - original
- cdsingle
Perfect life - karaoke (= instrumental of ESC version)
- digital release (official karaoke album)
Perfect life - Instrumental
- digital release
Perfect life - Madizin mix
- digital release, CD Unexpected

Germany Top 100: 28, - re: 88

First digital release image
5 X Perfect Life.
Five singers performed in the German final and all of them have recorded and released the same two songs, Wildfire and Perfect Life.
Not all artists performed both songs in the three round race, but they all released their versions.
So we already have four coverversions of this years German entry. Sort of.
Instrumental versions of all tracks have also been made available.
The singers are Axel Feige, Yosefin, Helene Nissen and Felicia Lu.

A coverversion in Afrikaans was released by South African singer Karin Bekker.
Find out more here at Eurocovers.

Links and sources
Levina: Website,  Facebook
ARD's Unser Song pages
Thanks to Alexandre
German entries from recent years: 20162015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

German acoustic rock singer Meg Pfeiffer recorded an acoustic version of both Perfect Life and Wildfire for her digital EP Perfect Life (ESC Convention & Acoustic-Edition) which also includes a cover of the Italian entry.

Unexpected Tracklist
1. The current
2. Echo
3. Perfect Life (ESC Version)
4. Nothing more beautiful
5. Wildfire
6. Ordinary people
7. Love me all the time
8. Run on you
9. Stop right there
10. Courage to say goodbye
11. One in a million
12. Nothing at all
13. Perfect Life (Madizin Mix)

The provisional tracklist looked like this.
1. That Is
2. What You Call A
3. Perfect Life (ESC Version)
4. I Run Through The
5. Wildfire
6. I've Been Walking Asleep
7. Dreaming Awake
8. Finding I Bend but I Don't Break
9. I'm Almost a Sinner
10. Nearly a Saint
11. I'm Not Afraid of Making Mistakes
12. That's What You Call
13. Perfect Life (Madizin Mix)


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