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France - Requiem - Alma

DRI Eurovision version
12 - 135 pts, not in semi 
France appointed Alma (Alexandra Maquet) to represent the country in Kyiv.
Her song, Requiem, is written by Nazim Khaled.

The original version of Requiem was released through digital shops on Januari 13.
You can watch the video clip of the song here at Alma's Youtube.
The song was reworked for Eurovision and contains some parts in English.

The official video of the new version is here.
A 1-track promo in cardsleeve (first version) is issued by Warner Music France.
Another 1 track promo features the Eurovision version.

The elusive 7th Heaven Requiem
Then there's the 7th Heaven remix. It was made but never released. someone got their hands on it and you can listen to it here in a podcast. Scroll down to the audio player. It starts at 3:20, is in bad sound quality. A better sound quality excerpt is at the newly opened 7th Heaven website (here) but it's only just over a minute. (It's in Showreel 2017-2018).
Why it never was released I don't know, it's not that bad.
You can find more details (list) on the 7th Heaven Eurovision remixes here at the end of the U.K. 2017 post.

Alma's debut album Ma Peau Aime is planned for May 5 and will include both versions of the Eurovision entry.
A 7-track promo, including both versions of Requiem, is issued by Warner.

Alma released her debut single La Chute Est Lente last year June. Well worth checking out too.

Last year Amir scored the biggest Eurovision hit in France since 2012, so it's no surprise one of the songwriters Nazim Khaled was involved in this years choice.
Amir's also had (by far) the most visited page at the Stockholm Collection.

Digital release image First version
Requiem - Eurovision version in French and English
- digital release
Requiem - Original version in French
- digital release
Requiem - Eurovision version karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital release (single track release)
Requiem - Eurovision version karaoke (with b-vox)
- digital release (official karaoke album)
Requiem - 7th Heaven club edit
- unreleased, but you can listen here (scroll down to player, starts at 3:20, bad sound but it's proof)

French top 200 (Ifop): 70, 175, -, 172, -, 187, -, 154, 70, 25, 5, 38, 101, -
A coverversion (in English) was recorded by South African singer Karin Bekker.
Find out more here at Eurocovers

Links and sources
Thanks to Krzysztof 
Alma: Website, Facebook
France 2 Eurovision Facebook
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The forthcoming album

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