Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The 2017 Musthave: The KYIV ESCZine

The Handbook For Kyiv
Like every year, OGAE have published their yearly guide to the Eurovision Song Contest.
If you just get one Eurovision publication this year, this is the one worth getting.

The 160-page, A5 size handbook is wonderful guide to all the artists and songs of this years contest.
It has background stories of all the participating artists and the National Selections that were held this year. All is illustrated with pictures of the artists. 
The foreword is by Jon Ola Sand.

Special thanks to Ivor Lyttle.

ESC-zine website
The 160 page booklet is also available here through BeaRecords.

Contact your local OGAE club: List of OGAE NationalFan Clubs.

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