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Montenegro - Space - Slavko Kalezić

16 - 56 pts in semi 1
RTCG chose Slavko Kalezić as the singer for Montenegro in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The song, written by Momčila Zekovića and Adis Eminić, is titled Space.
The song was revealed on March 10 and released as a digital single on March 18

Official video here at
promo cds
RTCG have issued a promo cd-rom with Space plus the karaoke and instrumental versions and the videoclip. (see versions below for details).
The disc also includes the video.

A remix by Marko Drežnjak is on soundcloud for a free download (click ...more and choose download). It's a wave file (so it's huge) but I guess you can convert that yourself to mp3.

Slavko's first shot at fame was when he participatated in X-Factor Adria. He was chosen by coach Željko Joksimović but failed to reach the final stages of the show. 
(The competition was eventually won by Daniel Kajmakoski)
He has released several singles and the album San O Vječnosti (2014)

Digital release image
Space - Eurovision / single version
Space - karaoke (= instrumental)
Space - Winter instrumental
- all on promo cds
Space - karaoke (with backing vocals)
- digital release (with the single)
Space - remix by Marko Drežnjak
- soundcloud
The official karaoke album has the instrumental version (not the karaoke with b-vox)
The Winter instrumental is a slow version with piano.

Picture taken from Slavko's Facebook

Album  San O Vječnosti
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Slavko Kalezić Facebook
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