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Portugal - Amar Pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral

Parabéns Salvador e Luísa
Portugal wins the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest

Digital release image
1 - 758 pts /1 - 370 pts in semi 1
What a way to celebrate your 50th* Eurovision entry! After 54 years Portugal wins the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, and there's no debate, Salvador Sobral won both the Jury voting and televoting with an impressive lead.
Not bad for a country whose last (and best) top 10 placing was 21 years ago. (6th).
* 49 actually, plus a withdrawn entry in 1970

After a year in the Absent Friends Category Portugal returned to the Eurovision fold with Salvador Sobral who won the Festival da Canção 2017 on March 5.
His song, Amar Pelos Dois (Love for both of us), is written by Luísa Sobral, sister to Salvador.
Here's the live performance at RTP's youtube.

The song was released on March 10 (digital)
A promo cds includes the original version and instrumental.
Sony Music Portugal have released an official cd-single release of Amar Pelos Dois, on June 16. It includes the Portuguese and instrumental versions, just like the promo. Good news is you don't have to offer redic prices at the bay anymore. (Sony 889854570422)
Sony only handles APD, so there will be no album re-release (of the Excuse Me CD) with the Eurovision winner on it.
No English version is recorded by Sobral himself.

The picture discs offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.

Here you can find an article on coverversions of Amar Pelos Dois in various languages.
cds artwork, pic from RTP
Excuse Me Ao Vivo
On December 15 a live album Excuse Me Ao Vivo is released. It includes a 6 minute version of Amar Pelos Dois which mainly features a lot of community singing. The album has 9 tracks, most songs from the 2016 album Excuse Me.
The digital version is out now, the CD is already spotted through FNAC Portugal (and isn't available outside Portugal). 
(Valentim De Carvalho 560523 1062923)
See full tracklist at the end of this post.
Thanks for the tip Frederick!

Who's Salvador Sobral?
The saviour of Portuguese Eurovision, Jazz singer Salvador (Salvador Vilar Braamcamp Sobral) entered the Portuguese Idols in 2009 where he finished 7th.
Seven years later he released his debut album Excuse Me with songs mainly in English, but also in two Spanish and one in Portuguese.
His most recent single from Excuse Me is Nem Eu (Me neither).
Listening to the album (spotify) I can't help but get some genuine 50's Chet Baker Sings vibes, wonderful stuff! Go on, have a listen.
Update: In the wake of the Eurovision victory the Excuse Me album charts in the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and both Belgian charts and the Eurovision song isn't even on it.

promo cds
Festival da Canção '17
A compilation of all songs in the 2017 Festival da Canção is released by Sony and RTP. 15 tracks are studio versions, one is a live recording.
The digital album is available through itunes and the likes.
The CD was released on April 7.
Full tracklist below
It's available now here at Bearecords

Amar pelos dois - original
- Kyiv 2CD, Festival da Canção 2017 CD
Amar pelos dois - instrumental
- both digital releas, both on promo cds
Amar Pelos Dois (live)
- on album Excuse Me Ao Vivo.
The official karaoke album (digital release) has the instrumental.

Portuguese top 100: 38, 83, -, 3, 1, 2, 2, 6, 15, 31, 28, 43, 52, 61, 84, 90, -
Portuguese top 50: 41, 11, 13, 26, 31, 41, 46, 35, 36, 8, 1, 2, 2, 2, 8, 11, 10, 22, 39, 30, 37, -
Belgian top 100 (FL): 30, 35, -, 50, -
Netherlands top 100: 35, -
Sweden top 100: 33, -
U.K. top 100: 97, -
Germany top 100: 43, -
Switzerland top 100: 6, -
France top 200: 4, 110, -
Austria top 75: 22, -
Spain top 50: 1, 12, -

Quite a few coverversions of Amar Pelos Dos can be found at your digital services.
Here's a few names:
Alfred Garcia (Spanish singer for 2018)
Anarita (Both Portugese and English versions on a Ball room dance album Oversway)
Leon Noel (digital single)
Svenska Lyxorkestern - För Oss Båda (Swedish, digital single)
Marina Damer (digital single)
Bruno M (digital single)
Sam Darris (digital single)
Elaine Brackin (digital single)
Gerson Galvan (digital single)
Spell Choir (acapella, digital single))
Mercuzio Pianist (Piano instrumental, digital single)
Leon Noel (Piano instrumental, digital single)
David Matevosyan (Violin instrumental, digital single)
Full list here

Single Nem Eu (2016)
Links and sources
Thanks to Frederick and to Paulo Bravo at Sony Music Portugal.
Salvador Sobral: Facebook
RTP Festival da Canção 2017 pages, Facebook
These years Portugal actually entered: 2014 2012 2011 2010 2009 

Tracklist Festival da Canção 2017
Picture from ESCPortugal.pt
1. Márcia - Agora 
2. Golden Slumbers - Para Perto 
3. Fernando Daniel - Poema a Dois 
4. Deolinda Kinzimba - O que eu vi nos meus sonhos 
5. Rui Drumond - O teu melhor 
6. Siraiva feat. Lisa Garden - Without You 
7. Salvador Sobral - Amar pelos dois 
8. Viva La Diva - Nova Glória (live)
9. David Gomes - My Paradise 
10. Lena d'Água - Nunca me fui embora 
11. Beea - Ao Teu Olhar 
12. Pedro Gonçalves - Don't Walk Away 
13. Helena Kendall - Andamos no Céu 
14. Celina da Piedade - Primavera 
15. Jorge Benvinda - Gente Bestial
16. Inês Sousa - Se o Tempo Não Falasse

Tracklist Excuse Me Ao Vivo
1. Change
2. Nada que esperar
3. Excuse me
4. Nem eu
5. Something real
6. Amar pelos dois
7. Ready for love again
8. Ay amor
9. Até já (encore)

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