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Latvia - Line - Triana Park

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18 - 21 pts in semi 1
Latvia will be represented in Kyiv by the band Triana Park who won the 2017 Supernova with their song Line.
Line is written by Agnese Rakovska, Kristaps Ērglis and Kristians Rakovskis.

Line was released as a digital single in Januari. (Krap records)
Here's the performance at the Supernova final
and here's the official video

Remixes were released on March 31 (see versions). At Spotify you'll find them under [Ex] Da Bass.
Another remix (Stan Sax remix) was released on May 31.

A promo cds is issued, it includes Line and five other songs.

On April 17 2018 Triana Park finally released their album Alive which includes the single version of Line. For now digital incl. Spotify, the CD was released on April 26. (orders at the Triana Park shop). Well worth checking out!

Triana Park are:
Agnese Rakovska - vocals
Edgars Viļums - drums
Kristaps Ērglis - bass
Artūrs Strautiņš - guitar

Club mix DRI
Line - single version/ESC version
- Kyiv 2CD
Line - [Ex] da Bass Club mix
Line - [Ex] da Bass radio mix
Line - Stan Sax remix
- digital releases
Line - karaoke
- digital release (official karaoke album)

The Supernova formula to select the entry for Kyiv had 22 songs with a 4-song superfinal on februari 26.
You can listen to the songs here at Supernova.

Eirodziesma / Supernova
Traina Park (a.k.a. Triānas Parks) entered the Latvian selection five times before finally succeeding with Line.
Of course we have a list for you:
2008 Bye bye (4th)
2009 Call me anytime you need a problem (4th)
2010 Lullaby for my dreammate (Diamond lullaby) (4th)
2011 Upside down (withdrew afterplacing for final)
2012 Stars are my family (9th)

Links and sources
Thanks to Krzysztof.
Triana Park: WebsiteFacebook
Supernova pages
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